Code Examples


This is a charmingly small chat application that demonstrates many concepts, including the use of global events. Start two or more instances to send messages from one instance to the others. The screenshot on the right shows the end result.

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CustomTree Demo

Demonstration of the XULCustomTree class including the use of editable cells, drag and drop, sorting, checkbox/progressmeter/image cells and sparse tree construction. This sample application demonstrates a few of these features.

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Advanced TabBox

A control class contributed by Francesco Danti, demonstrating a XULTabBox extended to add several new features including automated adding and removing of tabs, auto-close, adding tabs in background and scrolling tabs horizontally.

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Standard App Menu

An automated menubar class that simplifies creating and modifying application menu's. Contributed by Francesco Danti. Features include automatically adding whole nested structures in one method call, adding event handlers on the fly, locating menu's on the left and right sides of the menu bar and modifying menu's and their contents by re-adding substructures under the same name.

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WebPerfect is a modular website management system built with SiteFusion by the FrontDoor Media Group. Its features include:
  • Full WYSIWYG in-layout content editing
  • Modules and "Insertables" (parts of a module that can be inserted in a text)
  • User subsystem allowing any kind of user class configuration for the application itself, the website and other systems
  • Full in-application XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP code editing in an embedded file system and editor
  • Embedding PHP and HTML snippets in templates and content
  • Maintenance of accounts, domains, modules and traffic in a separate admin application
  • Module panel for plug-in extensions, control panels and sub-applications
  • Extensive statistics with click-through details on visitors and content usage, search engine indexing, keywords used, referring websites and browser usage
  • Uses SFImageLib to resize images in the client and VLCPlayer to play video
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A utility built with SiteFusion by FDMG to automatically maintain television broadcasting servers. ServerSync consists of a background service that runs continuously and an admin application to monitor and command the service, change settings and view the log.
  • Maintain multiple network/VPN connections, filesystem mounts and synchronizations, handling fallout and disconnects.
  • Completely autonomous operation, built to move large amounts of data continuously over any kind of connection.
  • Does deep file compares when idle, checking file integrity at the lowest level.


A webshop platform for communities and franchises. Built on top of WebPerfect by Izitoko BV, a partner of the FrontDoor Media Group. Features include:
  • Customizing the shop layout with pickers and sliders
  • Maintaining a multitude of shop accounts in the WebPerfect account through the Izitoko Admin control panel
  • Direct connections to payment and delivery providers
  • Integrated mailinglists, SMS alerts and CRM functions
  • Contextualized help function
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Internal order management application built with SiteFusion by FDMG for internal use. Features include:
  • Drag and drop task assignment
  • Instant synchrony between simultaneously running clients
  • Integrated order log with drag and drop file exchange, consolidating all history of an order in a single spot
  • Integrated instant messaging function and contact/co-worker list with online/offline indication
  • Notifications through taskbar popups on Windows and Growl messages on MacOS X