Note that this section does not nearly cover the whole spectrum of possibilities within SiteFusion yet. We continue to add tutorials over time to cover more advanced topics, but the current base should be able to get both novice and experienced programmers started.

1. Getting started

2. Applications

  • 2.1 Hello World!
    Demonstration of a very basic SiteFusion application through the classic Hello World example.

  • 2.2 Basic user interface construction
    The basics of interface elements and their classes, and dynamic constructors. Reading up on XUL itself separately is recommended.

  • 2.3 Events
    The basic driving force behind any interaction between user, client, server and other processes explained.

  • 2.4 Windows and Dialogs
    These make dividing the functionality of an application easier and allow you to write complete subprograms within a window or dialog, as well as just creating one as a vehicle for interface elements.

  • 2.5 Images
    Images in SiteFusion can be used in a few distinct ways.
  • 2.6 Menus and Popups
    Menu bars, dropdowns, popup menus, tooltips, panels and context menus.

  • 2.7 Trees and XULCustomTree
    Both simple trees built from XUL nodes and complex trees built with the XULCustomTree class. Images, checkboxes and progressmeters, editing, sorting, drag and drop.

  • 2.8 Client-side file handling
    Reading from and writing to client-side files and directories, launching executables and monitoring files for changes, and using the filepicker dialog.

3. Services

4. Extensions